So what if I like you..

That aint what is bothering me. What bothers me is that I have to sit back and watch you and that one chick act as if it’s love that you share. When in reality you love her. She don’t love you the same way, nd if she do.. She got one hell of a way of showing it. 

But I got a question..

You like being mistreated  Because even when all hope is gone you fall right back into the same routine with this girl. Two years down and you playing games still? You got a engagement but still asking Yo girl why she with them bitches??

How that work? That’s what I wanna know,

Your beautiful, and strong, Your mind is independent, your judgment is always one hundred. So why you settling for less? You love the girl and she treat you like your just another option.

In my opinion you should do better. Takin out to dinner JUST because someone wanna spend time with you. A movie on a late night cause your the only other person in the world that I wanna be with atm. You should get a text at 4 AM letting you know I woke up thinking about you. Your body deserved to be LOVED not FUCKED.

Cherished not ran threw. I wish you could see everything I wanna offer. I never been a home wrecker but you make a woman like me wanna go mad in the head because your treated so bad. And it aint right.

Maybe on night when you wake up. You’ll see what I mean. Because love isn’t a game. your heart ain’t no toy. 

You deal with things you shouldn’t. You settle for “I’m sorry..” Nd move on. How would you feel to call your girl and ask her what she up to.

Her only response is “I’m thinking of you.”